The extensive enrichment programme for The New Sixth has been launched and is now up and running. Through a combination of Year 13 leadership, teaching and support staff the varied programme offers a variety of options for students. The programme is compulsory for Year 12 and optional for Year 13 although a lot of the year have selected an option and chosen to opt into a Wednesday afternoon activity.

The programme was launched to the Sixth Form on Wednesday 14 September where every option was explained to the students through a PowerPoint presentation. There was then a sign up fair where students could speak to the different activity leaders to gain further information and a better understanding of each option. The Year 12 students then signed up to an activity for the long term until Christmas.

The following activities are currently offered:

Recreational Sports

Students participate in a variety of team and individual sports. Students can participate to improve fitness, for enjoyment and to prepare for the competitive Sixth Form teams (football, basketball, netball, rugby, tennis).

Journalism Society

Students are planning to launch a regular ‘blog’ on the New Sixth website

Gaming Society

Gaming society is the opportunity for students to socialise, converse with the chaplain and participate in board and trivia games in a relaxed calm environment. The students research and aim to improve their chess tactics and knowledge throughout this term.


Students choosing volunteering are required to set up their own volunteering placements outside of the Sixth Form setting on a Wednesday afternoon. They can log their experience and hours weekly through an online volunteering service called V-Inspired.

Peer Mentoring

The peer mentors will go through a half term of training on counselling techniques and child protection protocol before being paired up with a Year Head who will assign each mentor two students to meet with on a Wednesday afternoon. The mentors will record the conversations and be an older role model for the younger students needing support. This will also add value to the pastoral programme at St Gregory’s and give Year Heads support in seeing students who may otherwise not be mentored.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold

The Duke of Edinburgh award is additional to the enrichment options and is outsourced to an external company. The students are able to complete sections of the award through the Wednesday afternoon Enrichment Programme.

The students participating in the award will attend some Wednesday afternoon specific meetings but have also selected enrichment options that fill gaps enabling them to hit the various Duke of Edinburgh criteria. Many students have chosen to volunteer through the peer mentoring scheme or the volunteering option.


Students meet to practise their instruments together and work develop pieces for performances throughout the year.

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