Dear Parents and Carers,

After an unexpected snow day I hope that all students used the time wisely to both rest and get on top of work. Since Year 13 exams it has been a very busy season at The New Sixth with our students getting involved in a wide variety of activities.

Miss Butler, Director of Sixth at Saint Gregory’s

Huge congratulations to all students that were a part of the fantastic Les Miserables production; the quality and standard of performance was outstanding and even more impressive given the organisation needed to manage rehearsals and studies.

Our sincere thanks to the staff that took our students to Berlin; aside from the bitter cold, students had a great time exploring the city.

As we race towards half term, Year 12 are getting involved in their community projects, looking for ways to enhance the school experience for both the Sixth form and the wider school community. We hope to see the impact of their efforts showcased in the newsletter over the coming weeks.

Miss Lucy Butler, Director of Sixth Form St. Gregory’s

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