Life in the New Sixth

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Life as a sixth form student will be different, but we are committed to providing the same level of personalised support, both in and outside of the classroom, that has been recognised as outstanding. We provide a caring, supportive environment and all individuals are warmly welcomed into the student body.

The New Sixth equips students with a rich mix of experiences and opportunities that will prepare them for adult life. Being a sixth form student means developing skills and qualities in leadership, self-reliance and independence. Students will have a very vital role to play as ambassadors and role models for younger students.

We expect that many of our sixth form students will be interested in being part of the Student Council and will want to take a key leadership role as a senior prefect or head boy/head girl. We offer many opportunities for student voice and student representation. We very much want students to have a say in their Sixth Form and to play an active part as always in making decisions that will enhance Sixth Form life and the whole college community.