Fine Art

How long does it last? Two years
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Students who take this course:
Students will normally have gained at least a Grade 6 in Art GCSE and are passionate about the subject. They will be encouraged to take their work forward in a personal way. They may be considering a career in the creative industries. Students might go on to an Art Foundation course, then on to related courses at university.

Course Description:
Students follow a wide ranging course making a personal response, exploring the world through the visual arts in 2D and 3D media, using photography, print-making and sculpture. Gallery and studio visits connect students with the work of other artists. Over the course students build up a portfolio of work before taking an assessment set by the exam board.

Students will be introduced to a variety of experiences employing a range of traditional and new media, processes and techniques appropriate to their chosen areas of study. Knowledge of art, craft and design will be developed through research, the development of ideas and through making, working from first-hand experience.

The A Level is studied over two years and comprises of the following:
In the first year students follow a course that introduces them to a variety of Art styles and disciplines. They learn about the work of relevant artists and respond by creating their own personal work. Students then complete a project in response to a given theme, which is assessed in accordance with the A Level assessment objectives.

In the second year students complete the following:
Component 3: Personal investigation – 60% of A Level
Component 4: Externally set assignment – 40% of A Level