Mathematics – Further

How long does it last? Two years
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Students who take this course:
Students studying Further Maths must also be taking the A Level Maths course. Students will have at least a Grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics but a Grade 8 is desirable. They will need to be confident in the application of algebraic and other mathematical skills and have an interest in solving real life problems using these skills together with logical mathematical argument. Further Mathematics is required by many universities as a prerequisite to study mathematics at degree level. It is also useful for accounting, financial subjects, law, engineering and sciences.

Course Description:
Maths at this level consists of the study of Pure Maths and the study of the application of mathematics to the physical world through:

  • Pure mathematics;
  • Statistics (understanding and interpreting information);
  • Mechanics (understanding how and why physical objects move and behave as they do);
  • Decision Maths (uses discrete mathematics to construct mathematical models to arrive at an optimal solution to real life problems).

Year 1:
Further Pure Maths including: Complex numbers, further algebra and functions, further Calculus, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions, differential equations

One option from:

  • Further Mechanics
  • Further Statistics
  • Further Decision

Year 2:
Further Pure Maths 2

One option from:

  • Further Mechanics 2
  • Further Statistics Maths 2
  • Further Decision Maths 2