How long does it last? Two years for A Level, one year for AS Level
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Students who take this course:
Students will have at least a Grade 6 in GCSE Music. They will also have the ability to play an instrument, including voice, to a minimum of Grade 5 standard. Grade 5 Theory of Music is also strongly recommended.

Course Description:
This course is intended to be stimulating and enriching for students and to provide an excellent basis for life-long learning, higher education courses and progression into the music profession. At A Level, students experience and further enhance their knowledge in all three main musical disciplines; performing, composing and listening and understanding.


Unit 1: Performing Music This unit gives students opportunities to extend their performance skills as soloists and/or as part of an ensemble. Teachers and students can choose music in any style. Any instrument(s) and/or voice(s) are acceptable as part of a 12-15 minute assessed performance of a balanced programme of music.

Unit 2: Composing This unit has two sections: composition and technical study. The composition section further develops students’ composition skills. The technical study section builds on the knowledge and awareness of harmony. The total time across both submissions must be six minutes.

Unit 3: Appraising This unit focuses on listening to music, familiar and unfamiliar, and understanding how it works.