Chaplaincy and The Well

“Chaplaincy in the New Sixth aims to strengthen and nourish our young people on this vital stage of their journey. We believe discernment and Gospel values are integral elements for discovering our true vocation. Chaplaincy aims to supply this scaffold of spiritual and pastoral support so that all our students fulfil their calling.”

Matt Robinson, Chaplain

At The New Sixth, the central focus is for all students to achieve to their academic best and to facilitate time for students to develop personally into mature, confident individuals ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges that the world has to offer.

Strong pastoral care is essential to academic success and to ensure that the A Level journey is one characterised by positivity and a growth mindset. The multifaceted pastoral system guarantees that there is always someone to guide and support students from the tutor to the Director of Sixth Form. The New Sixth creates an environment that is not only professional but personal, establishing strong relationships between students and staff so that no student need ever face a challenge alone.

The weekly, tutor-led pastoral programme is carefully designed to support students with the myriad of challenges and issues that they may face. It is also dynamic in its planning and flexible to attend to the needs of students in an immediate and purposeful way. Covering topics from study skills to wellbeing and financial planning, it supports students to develop the skills necessary to survive and thrive in modern society.

The Well

The Well is the centre for The New Sixth chaplaincy team and is an important part of the spiritual and pastoral support on offer in The New Sixth. Part of this offer includes the sixth form common room, a welcoming social and study space facilitated by our Chaplain, Matt Robinson, providing informal guidance, support and advice, if needed.

Chaplaincy at The New Sixth offers students an optional programme of activities and retreats to engage in a spiritual journey in a way that speaks to young people. We welcome Chaplains from a range of Christian backgrounds to work together to provide a caring, welcoming, inclusive and stimulating environment for all.