International Links

“The College is strongly committed to international partnerships and considers it vital that students understand what it means to be a part of a global village and to further develop their respect for other cultures.”


Building on excellent international programmes at Saint Gregory’s, The New Sixth will further strengthen these by providing sixth form students with a host of opportunities to become involved in global education projects.

There are many opportunities, throughout the academic year, to meet young people from other countries, explore new destinations and experience the richness and cultural diversity of our world. Long-established partnerships with education providers and international study programmes bring opportunities to explore new cultures, take part in exchange programmes and act as ambassadors for our sixth form and country.

Taking part in these projects helps our students to prepare themselves as global citizens, develop awareness and understanding of social, economic and political issues that affect people across the world and empower young people to make a difference by sharing what they know with their peers, and making their views known within the sixth form and wider community.

We believe that students who have a bigger picture of world affairs are better able to make a contribution and to have their voices heard. Enriching experiences such as these are highly valued by universities who constantly demand more of their students in an increasingly competitive market place.