Our Vision

“Saint Gregory’s has provided me with a warm and inclusive environment since day one. I’m now half way through my A Levels and I couldn’t have asked for more support, more helpful teachers, or a better working environment than the one at The New Sixth.”

Head Girl, 2018

We believe that every student should experience academic success in an environment committed to Faith, Formation and Foundations.


  • We work to ensure that students study and develop in an environment characterised by Christian values. All students are valued as a unique part of God’s creation.
  • We create a space where students are encouraged to explore their own faith and its expression; welcoming frank and honest discussions about key theological and moral issues.


  • We exist to help students become the person they want to be. Our offer is far beyond academic qualifications alone but rather seeks to address all aspects of personal growth.
  • We value opportunities for personal development and seek to embed these into both the curriculum and wider extra and super curricular offer.


  • We believe that the sixth form journey is characterised by self-reflection and a continual re-evaluation of what the future might look like.
  • We encourage students to see their time with us as the laying of foundations upon which their future will rest, whether that be a future at university, in an apprenticeship, employment or training.

At a time when life is uncertain and demands are high, we want to provide a safe, inclusive environment where students feel valued as they are and are inspired to extend, challenge and equip themselves to achieve new goals and to dream big dreams.